Kristi Delfino

So, you want to know more about me?

I started my professional life as a teacher. I’ve taught Spanish and French to hundreds, maybe even thousands, of students. And while I enjoyed the job, something never felt quite right. 

So, after 11 years in the classroom, I decided to hang up the ol’ apple* (why is that a teacher thing, anyway?) and try my hand at learning new skills. I signed up for a few classes, and here I am! I enjoy writing clean code, making cool things happen on websites, and bringing my ideas to life on the web.
*I actually do still teach college courses part time. What can I say, I enjoy it!

But don’t think this is something completely new! I grew up among that first generation of full-time internet users. I coded a billion websites way back in the old days of Geocities and Angelfire. The fact that I fell into it again as an adult just feels like I’ve come full circle! Like I’ve landed home.

Still feel like you want to know more? Click on this handy random fact generator I coded up for just such a situation!